Aboriginal Women's Advocate

Are you struggling and don't know where to turn? Do you feel under-represented and alone? Are you looking for someone to guide you through the different social and legal systems? Are you seeking assistance but just don't know where to go for help? Do you need someone to listen and to talk to?

The Aboriginal Women's advocate resource is a completely confidential service for Aboriginal women needing guidance and assistance.

The women's advocate is here to help you. She will only do what you want her to do. She will never speak on your behalf unless you have asked her to.

The Aboriginal women's advocate can:

* Provide help and support to help Aboriginal women access programs and services as needed.

* Help and support Aboriginal women by providing referrals to other services.

* Talk to you to find out what assistance you need and want.

* Explain things to you if you are unclear so you can make more informed choices.

* Accompany you and advocate on your behalf when attending difficult appointments.

* Offer counseling and emotional support.

* Convene a focus group to pool ideas on effectiveness of programs and services and the best options to address your individual needs.

About the Women's Advocate

Connie Epp is the Aboriginal Women's advocate for the Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle. She is an Aboriginal woman and long time Yukoner who understands the struggles that Aboriginal women face living in the North. She has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the systems and services available in the Yukon. She has the knowledge and experience to navigate those systems, and provide assistance to others.

In addition to her knowledge and experience, Connie has dedicated the last decade to educating herself in ways that can improve her abilities to assist women and the community. She has the following degree and certificates:

* Bachelor of Social Work, University of Regina

* Northern Justice and Criminology Certificate, Yukon College

* Community Service Preparation Program Certificate, Honours, Yukon College

* General Studies Diploma, Yukon College