Accidents Happen: Make Sure You're Well Represented

Much of the work of a Canadian accident lawyer investigating a slip and fall injury accident is spent on proving responsibility for that injury. The law in Canada does require that a property owner must take reasonable duty of care to foresee any potential hazards that might cause injury to visitors. They are expected to make timely repairs to known hazardous areas or mark them with warning signage. In addition to placing liability for slip and fall accidents upon property owners, others may also be liable, including renters, caretakers and third parties who manage a property.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is in your best interest to obtain legal consultation immediately, for several reasons:

• Evidence is essential for proving responsibility. If you delay seeking legal representation, that could cause problems with collecting pertinent and timely evidence materials.
• Time is fleeting; you may have trouble finding witnesses if you delay seeking assistance.
• It is very important to have all details of your specific case; some scientific and expert evidence may also be used as proof.
• Evidence that is transient, such as spills, ice or wet conditions, must be documented quickly.
• Special notice or time limitations may apply.

Hazardous Conditions

Many things can contribute to hazardous conditions on a property. The owners must beware of problems and take action to fix dangers or at least to establish warnings. Potential slip and fall accidents may happen in the presence of the following conditions:

• Debris, unclean floors or walkways
• Ice or wet surfaces
• Carpeting that is loose or damaged
• Stairs that are not evenly spaced
• Insufficient lighting
• Recent damage to walkways and other surfaces

Prevention of Slip & Fall Accidents

Not breaching the duty to maintain a safe environment for visitors is the best prevention. An accident lawyer will be looking for omissions in caretaking duties. For example, care must be taken on an on-going basis by property owners, renters and others responsible for visitor safety. Avoiding problems with hazardous conditions requires the owners or other responsible parties to stay alert and have frequent inspections to maintain the property. Warnings of hazards should be posted immediately and corrections made when warranted. Visitors to properties should also be alert to potential hazardous conditions to avoid painful slip and fall injuries.

Slip & Fall Accident Injuries

A simple slip or fall can result in complex personal injuries. In addition to bodily harm and pain, the victim of hazardous conditions may have medical expenses and work or income loss. There could be a severe injury to the head, neck, spine, legs and arms. Tripping a person can happen in a second, even by something as small as the change of elevation of a walking surface or a rip in a carpet. Poor lighting conditions or loose objects on the surface can create a hazard for visitors. If injured, you may be unable to carry on normal family or housekeeping activities.

Consultation for Slip & Fall Accidents

If you have been injured by a slip or fall, consult with an accident attorney immediately, so your case can obtain the best outcome for you. Time is of the essence; call right away, so evidence can be collected that can support your case. Protect your rights to obtain compensation from responsible parties; your personal injury lawyer will best be able to support your case when you act quickly.