About Us

The Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle (WAWC) is a non-profit organization that provides culturally relevant programs and services that enhance, promote and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Aboriginal Women in Whitehorse, YT.

WAWC's primary objectives are to advocate on behalf of Aboriginal women, to promote awareness of issues affecting Aboriginal women through education and training, and to foster a sense of community among Aboriginal women through shared dialogue, sewing circles, culture camps, mentorship programs, workshops and conferences.

Directed by a board of volunteers, WAWC was created in 2003 to establish a forum for Aboriginal women to socialize, network, support and address issues of common interest and concern. WAWC has since become proactively involved in advocating on behalf of Aboriginal women and building awareness of issues affecting Aboriginal women of all ages.

WAWC offers advocacy and counseling services through their women's advocate, and mentoring programs to share and continue the circle of knowledge and education.

WAWC's Values

WAWC's work is based on the following values:

Fostering & Communities. Fostering family and community wellness through empowered women.

Respect & Integrity. Acting with integrity at all times and practicing inclusion by respecting each other, our diversity, and experiences.

Care & Love & Empathy. Promoting a caring and loving environment in which Aboriginal women feel empathetically supported and valued.

Fairness & Equality. Providing equal opportunities and voice to Aboriginal women, their needs and concerns, in a fair, respectful, and judgment-free environment valuing equally the roles and abilities of all genders in our communities.

Culture & Freedom. Respecting the rights and freedoms of all Indigenous women to speak their own languages and practice their own cultures and traditions.

Education & Growth; Role Models & Encouragement. Encouraging the education and advancement of Aboriginal women and girls through positive role modeling and by providing culturally relevant opportunities for growth.